EPS/XPS Roof Insulation Panel

ACFoam-IVAtlas Web Technologies provides the roofing industry with a coated fiberglass facer (CGF) that is applied to foam panels, thus giving superior dimensional stability, increased wind uplift, water resistance, fire resistance as well as many other benefits. WEBTECH® CGF provides superior weather resistance that allows commercial and residential builders to apply the insulation panels for superior performance.

Dimensional Stability

WEBTECH has helped its customers to develop the most dimensionally stable roof insulation foam panel in the industry. Unlike many foam panels that can cup, especially when exposed to moisture and subsequent radiant heat, products that have our coated glass facer applied are less likely to cup, warp, or shrink under laboratory or normal installation conditions. As a result, the number of fasteners required to attach the foam board in a mechanically attached membrane roof system may be reduced.

Facer Adhesion and Flatness

Web Technologies glass mat coating technology has superior facer adhesion to the foam core.

Board Strength

The strength of the board and its resistance to breakage, a key element in wind uplift testing, has significantly improved over traditional facers. Fastener pull-through tests performed by fastener manufacturers and FM Approvals show a dramatic improvement in performance. This feature, coupled with improved facer adhesion and facer cohesive strength, account for the superior performance in wind uplift tests.

High Wind Ratings Without Cover Boards

Thanks to WEBTECH’s facer technology, cover boards, the otherwise necessary and expensive addition to roof systems, may no longer be needed in corners and perimeter areas to meet FM Approval’s enhanced requirements for adhered roof systems in designated Hurricane Zones.

As a result, the contractor does not have to adjust insulation height and specified LTTR-values to accommodate the cover boards or haul heavy, expensive cover boards across the roof, all contributing to huge savings on many projects. Now, Atlas leads the way again through its facer technology.

Atlas Web Technologies has printing and coloring capabilities for all CGF products as well as the ability to provide branding through the use of company logos, messages, etc.

Typical WEBTECH® CGF (Coated Glass Facers) Physical Properties

Property Test Method Units (English) Range (Typical)
Width N/A Inches 12-60
Basis Weight (mat) Tappi T 1011 Lbs/100 ft² 1.0-4.0
Coating Weight Tappi T 1011 Lbs/100 ft² 40-165+
Total Weight Tappi T 1011 Lbs/100 ft² 52-205+
Tensile MD Tappi T 1009 Lbs/3" 100-300+
Tensile CMD Tappi T 1009 Lbs/3" 90-175+
Porosity Tappi T 460 Seconds 1-450+
Caliper Tappi T 411 Mils 15-65+
Moisture Tappi T 1012 % .2-2.0
Cobb Tappi T 441 Grams/cm² .01-1.5+
Ash Content Tappi T 1013 % 87-94
Color Tappi T 527 Hunter Color Various

Typical WEBTECH® CGF(Coated Glass Facers) Roll Properties

Property Units Range
Roll Diameter Inches 36-71
Roll Weight Lbs 1,000-5,000
Core Diameter I.D./Inches 6