Table Pad

Table PadWEBTECH® provides components used to manufacture table pads that help to protect fine dining room tables and other furniture.

A table pad can be multifunctional, serving as a moisture barrier, a cushion and and a protective surface. They can help protect the appearance of the table from normal wear and tear such as scratches, spills and accidental heat sources.

Atlas Web Technologies manufactures a component used in conjunction with the other materials used to create the table pad. This component is a layered substrate which provides rigid stability to support the table pad.

Typical WEBTECH® Table Pad Properties

Property Test Method Nominal Tolerance
Wet Weight (Lbs./480 SqFt.) ASTM D646 50 47-50
Moisture (%) ASTM D644 n/a 6-7
Tensile MD (Lbs.) ASTM D828 n/a 35
Kerosene No. ASTM D727 n/a 185-195
Roll Width (in.) n/a 48 48-48 1/4
Roll Diameter (in.) n/a n/a 84